4 Ideas for Photoshoots this Fathers Day

Make this fathers day special by capturing some candid moments and bringing photos to life with these four unique photoshoot ideas for dad! A candid and unique photo album will be a hundred times more valuable and heartfelt then any store bought gifts and last minute arts and crafts. This, we’ve compiled a list of … Continue Reading

How to do Instagram collaborations and leverage your community partners

Instagram collaborations have quickly taken over the platform and became the most popular method to grow your following and promote your brand organically. The results of instagram collbartions? A wider audience reach through a more engaging campaign that wont break the bank!  First, lets get to understand what an instagram collaboration is… The term “collaboration” … Continue Reading

What is a Hero Video & Why You Need it.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, broker, or just dipping into the market for the first time, it’s essential to know tips and tricks on how to effectively market your home/property. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a hero video to showcase your amazing place!  What exactly is a hero … Continue Reading

The Importance of Social Media Presence for Listing Agents

Maintaining a professional presence on social media can help your business thrive and increase traffic to your listing websites. Nearly 80% of Canadians now use social media daily, with over half of all homebuyers finding their home on the internet. This means if you list without a social media presence, you’re missing out. As we … Continue Reading

5 Unique Ways to Sell a Real Estate Listing Property

Most sellers resort to typical marketing strategies, such as predictable listing descriptions, palatable social media postings, and uninteresting double-sided flyers… But you’re not like the majority of sellers. You’ve always had a flair for the dramatic, a taste for taking chances, and a drive to stand out from the crowd. Why not use that confidence … Continue Reading

The Importance of High-Quality Real Estate Photos

We’ve all been there, surfing the internet and looking at homes for sale. Nothing attracts more potential buyers than high-quality photographs that make the property stand out on the page. Isn’t it true that the pictures are always breathtaking? That is what real estate photography can do: it can ultimately improve the home-selling process. Previous … Continue Reading

OTBx Awarded Top Photographer by CommunityVotes Burlington

OTBx Air is pleased to announce that we have been selected as the 2021 bronze winners for photographers by CommunityVotes Burlington. This is the second year in a row OTBx Air has been recognized as a top photographer by CommunityVotes Burlington.

OTBx Boston becomes Approved Vendor for Compass Real Estate

OTBx Boston is pleased to announce that we have been placed on the verified vendors’ list for Compass Real Estate. OTBx Boston is eager to provide these services to Compass’ Agents and show them that our team is the best at what we do. OTBx Boston is an approved vendor for photography, videography, headshot photography, … Continue Reading

Real Services has Officially Merged with OTBx Air

REAL SERVICES HAS OFFICIAL MERGED WITH OTBx It’s official, Real Services has fully integrated and merged all of our services and operations with OTBx. Over the past couple of months, you should have noticed new changes occurring such as new service packages, pricing, scheduling, and booking tools plus much more. Real Services and OTBx are … Continue Reading

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