How It Works

How It Works

OTBx Air Couldn’t Be Simpler

Schedule a photoshoot online or through our mobile App, select the package to suit your needs and we’ll have a talented, hand-picked, fully insured photographer on their way within 24 hours.  

Oh.. And we’ll send you updates via text every step of the way.




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Yes.  We have some great packages that we believe provide Real Estate Agents with everything they need, however we know that things can vary from project to project. You can select individual services from our menu or add them to a package.  

At OTBx Air we believe in unlimited photography.  Unlike other companies that limit the number of photos to only a handful, we will take as many photos as you need in order to get the right shot.  Our OTBx Air Editing Team will carefully review each photo and provide you only the best of each room and angle.   The total number of photos will vary from property to property but you can count on receiving great shots that showcase the full essence of your property.

Tracking the photographer is simple.  You will receive a notification from OTBx Air when the photographer is on route to the property.  Simply open the OTBx Air Mobile App and click on the work order to view the status.  We’ll update you again once the photographer arrives on site and will send a final confirmation when the photographer is complete.  The time onsite is tracked so that we always have record of who was there and for how long.

Once we assign a photographer to your property, we will provide you with his name, phone and photo.  The photographer will arrive to the property with OTBx Air issued photo identification.

Not necessarily.  We always encourage realtors to attend the photoshoot but it is not necessary.  You are welcome to provide a lockbox code or can provide us the names or the person who will be present when we arrive.

The amount of time will vary from property to property based on the photographers work-style and the size and detail of each property.  You can expect the photoshoot to last anywhere from 45 minutes up to 4 hours depending on the type of work.

OTBx Air will store all photos and videos online for as long as needed.  In the event changes are required in our business structure, you will be notified in writing with 90 days advance notice.

Have a photographer who you really like?  Want them to come back again?  Simply let us know and we can assign your property to a specific photographer subject to their availability.

Once the photoshoot is complete, our Editing Team will immediately begin preparing and package them for you.  You can expect to receive the photos and video in approximately 24-36 hours from the completed time of the photoshoot.

At OTBx Air, our goal is to make your photos and video look great from beginning to end.  We will create a gallery of images for each property and will add them to an Agent Folder that makes it simple for you to locate at any time from desktop or mobile.

Yes.  While every gallery will be unique to a specific address, we understand the value in creating a custom URL for a specific listing (ex: )  OTBx Air makes creating a unique URL simple.  Select this as an add-on service and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yes.  This actually will provide additional benefit to you.  We are excited to share a collection of our best photos and will help drive additional traffic to your listing.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.  If you don’t want your property featured on our social media accounts, just let us know and we’ll be happy to make it happen.