Photographer Application

Photographer Application

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The amount that you will earn per job will vary based on the services required by our clients.  For example, some projects may only require interior and exterior photos while others will require video.  We offer a very competitive rate to our Talent Team of photographers and factor travel time into every job to ensure that you are paid fairly each time you photograph a property.  While the exact amount of work time will vary slightly by project, we use a flat base rate model for each service required to keep it fair and simple.

Once you submit your footage to OTBx Air, our editing team will review and approve for payment.  Payment will be transferred to you weekly, each Monday (excluding statutory holidays in which case payment will be made on the Tuesday).  Funds will be transferred electronically to the email address you provide via e-transfer.

While providing photo or video services for OTBx Air, you will be required to have a minimum coverage of $2M commercial liability.   OTBx Air has arranged a preferred rate for our Talent Team so if you don’t have coverage currently, we make it easy to obtain.

OTBx Air will notify you of each project via email.  Each project will come with details such as customer name, address, map, appointment time and a list of specific photo and/or video requirements.    OTBx Air will assign an appointment time for each project.  You are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.  We require that you use our mobile app to provide regular status updates to indicate that you are on route, on site and complete.  

Once the photos/videos are captured, you will be expected to upload your edited photos and raw video files to the link provided to you by OTBx Air within 6 hours.  Once the footage is received it will be reviewed by our editing team and packaged for our client.  Be sure to send us your very best as we reward our most talented photographers with additional projects. Our team will handle final editing and will prepare video and social media package to make life simpler for you.  

No.  We will require that you ask before you use the footage for a personal portfolio.  Once we grant permission, you are welcome to use as needed.

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