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Ready to get unlimited real estate photography of your listings? How about 24 hour turn-around? At OTBx Air we pride ourselves on delivering great HDR photography for real estate agents so that you can sell your listings faster. From our talented team of insured photographers, to our online booking and tracking app, OTBx Air makes getting real estate photos simple. Give our real estate photography service a try for your next listing.

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Photography may be worth a thousand words, but a powerful real estate video is worth a million.  From 360 virtual real estate tours to head turning HD real estate videos, our videography team will produce great real estate videos that set you and your listing apart.  Let’s start creating great videos for your next real estate listing.  We’ll provide you a branded and unbranded video with licensed music and powerful text overlays to help showcase important features of your real estate listing.

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There are aerial drone photographers and then there is the talent team of real estate drone photographers at OTBx Air.  Our aerial photography and videography services are one of the very best in the real estate industry.  We know how to capture the perfect photo and can easily integrate aerial footage into your real estate video.  We help real estate agents showcase estate homes, farms and properties with large parcels of land with ease.

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the best real estate photography and videography services in Vaughan, the GTA, and across other cities from Central OntarioVaughan is a large city in Central Ontario, with a population of above 300,000 citizens. As a part of the GTA, there are great opportunities for development. The local economy is famous for its quick advancements and high-quality services.

The city of Vaughan is home to some of Canada’s most amazing attractions:

  1. Black Creek Pioneer Village. Here, you can experience what life looked like hundreds of years ago. There are educational programs for kids and adults alike. Explore it freely and learn new things about history.
  2. Mc Michael Canadian Art Collection. An interesting art gallery in the middle of a small forest. The art pieces and exhibitions here are priceless as they reflect the history of both European settlers and Inuit people.
  3. The Boyd Conservation Area. It is a large forest with great opportunities for hiking, sightseeing, sports activities, or long walks. The conservation area is one of many parks across Vaughan and the GTA.
  4. Canada’s Wonderland. It is one of the largest amusement parks in the country and an excellent place for families to have fun. There are different rides, water slides, and more.

We can say it without a doubt – Vaughan is truly incredible. The city captures the true aesthetics of Canada’s nature and culture. What better place to conduct real estate photography and videography services?

the best real estate photography and videography services in Vaughan, the GTA, and across other cities from Central Ontario

Such professional services are of vital importance for any real estate marketing campaign. Potential homebuyers will often demand high-quality images of properties or better yet – a nice video. We are here to help. We can offer you different types of real estate photography. Our amazing team has the skills, experience, and tools to create high-quality shots of the property’s exterior design. Our goal is to capture the vibrant colors and produce natural and clean images. We also offer aerial drone photography. That way, we will provide a stunning view of any building from all directions.

OTBx Air is the best choice for real estate developers, realtors, private home sellers, and other marketing companies in Vaughan, Ontario. We combine both high quality and amazing prices.

Contacting us is easy. You can:

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We can offer you the best real estate photography and videography services in Vaughan, the GTA, and across other cities from Central Ontario. Integrity and efficiency have great value to us. Make the right choice by signing up today.

the best real estate photography and videography services in Vaughan, the GTA, and across other cities from Central Ontario

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