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Ready to get unlimited real estate photography of your listings? How about 24 hour turn-around? At OTBx Air we pride ourselves on delivering great HDR photography for real estate agents so that you can sell your listings faster. From our talented team of insured photographers, to our online booking and tracking app, OTBx Air makes getting real estate photos simple. Give our real estate photography service a try for your next listing.

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Photography may be worth a thousand words, but a powerful real estate video is worth a million.  From 360 virtual real estate tours to head turning HD real estate videos, our videography team will produce great real estate videos that set you and your listing apart.  Let’s start creating great videos for your next real estate listing.  We’ll provide you a branded and unbranded video with licensed music and powerful text overlays to help showcase important features of your real estate listing.

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There are aerial drone photographers and then there is the talent team of real estate drone photographers at OTBx Air.  Our aerial photography and videography services are one of the very best in the real estate industry.  We know how to capture the perfect photo and can easily integrate aerial footage into your real estate video.  We help real estate agents showcase estate homes, farms and properties with large parcels of land with ease.

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the best real estate photography and videography services in and around St. CatharinesWaterloo is a beautiful city in Ontario, Canada. With its 25/sq miles, the population is around 105 thousand people. The entire metro area reaches around 525 thousand. Waterloo lies on important crossroads, as it directly connects the largest cities in Southern Canada.

As local businesses develop, the need for top-quality real estate photography and videography services also grows. Waterloo is close to the larger city of Kitchener. For this reason alone, there are strong trade relationships and opportunities for investment. There is an airport in nearby Breslau. However, most people use Toronto Airport instead, as it is Canada’s largest; with direct flights to multiple international destinations.

There are countless beautiful locations within the region. They are excellent for both normal photography practices and aerial drones.

Waterloo has many parks which attract local and foreign tourists during the entire year. Whether it is summer or winter, the beauty is everlasting. Some of the more famous parks include RIP Park, Waterloo Park, Bechtel, Lexington, and the Lauren Creek Conservation Area. Going on long walks and sightseeing are excellent activities; both interesting and good for your health.

the best real estate photography and videography services in and around Waterloo, Ontario

We are always ready to conduct real estate photography and videography services in the region. Waterloo is amazing, and we love to visit it and take as many pictures as possible. Commercial photography is also an option. We work with haste and often complete our tasks within one day. Efficiency is important to us.

Our highly-skilled team will always be ready to begin shooting top-quality photos. What we offer is both great quality and reasonable prices.

You can learn more about the work OTBx Air does when it comes to Waterloo Real Estate Photography and commercial business photography and videography by calling us at 1-877-268-2924, emailing support@otbxair.com, or visiting us online at www.otbxair.com

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