Commercial Pricing

At OTBx Air, we make it simple for your business to great photos and videos.  We are a great fit for business because we have the talent teams ready to with the skills necessary to deliver exactly what you are looking for.  We carry $5M of liability insurance, pre-screen the entire photography and videography team and make sourcing the right person for your project simple.  Be sure that we provide a range of services for business and can turn projects around quickly across Canada.  

Photography Services  

We understand business and commercial photography.  We know that getting the right photos is important.  Whether you are looking to showcase your facility, highlight your team and staff or feature new products or services, we are the company that makes it easy.  We have the perfect team of talented photographers for your needs because we know that photography is unique. Some of our photographers specialize in capturing people. Others are amazing at photographing buildings and products.  We always send you the perfect person for the job and we do it quickly and effectively in major markets across Canada.  At OTBx Air, there is no photography project too small or too big.  Prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the complexity of your photography project.

Videography Services

Using video to showcase your business is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  In the busy social media world we live in, more and more customers would rather watch a video to learn about what your business or organization has to offer than reading or looking at pictures.  At OTBx Air, we help our clients produce great videos that help connect the viewer to your brand.  We help with script writing and creation and take the process from start to finish.  We use powerful, licensed music to help you capture the viewer’s attention and keep it from start to finish.  If you need a corporate video for your website or a simple business video for Facebook, we are ready to help you take it from an idea to a reality.  We offer videography services for business starting at $499.  It all depends on the complexity of what you need done.  

360 Tours & Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself into any business or property you desire. We offer a cutting edge, 360 virtual experience which allows your viewer to build that trust before they even arrive. Imagine allowing people the ability to tour your business at their own pace as if they were standing right there.   Want to add your business to Google Street View?  We help make it a reality.  Viewers can now warp from Google Street View™ into your storefront to take their own virtual tour before they arrive without leaving Google Maps.  Let us help you create an immersive experience for your customers.  A experience that helps set your business apart.  Using 360/VR to showcase your business helps the viewer and provides an experience that is state-of-the-art. Want to add enhanced branding to a 360 photo or video, just let us know.  Our creative team has the experience to make your 360 business video or photo stand out from the competition.  We offer 360 Tours for business starting at $299.  Prices are typically based on the size and complexity of the business location.

Aerial Drone UAV Services

Getting the perfect drone photo or video for your business can be complex and involved.  It’s important that you hire a drone photography and videography company that has the experience to fly safely to protect your business and deliver an outstanding end-product.   At OTBx Air, our talent team of commercial drone pilots is the best in class.  Our aerial drone photography and videography service is designed to make it simple for your business.  Start by telling us about your project.  Are you a construction company looking to have a UAV capture photos or video of your site?  Or are you interested in getting an aerial view of your commercial property?  Need a 360 panoramic to capture the view from a condo building?  Whatever the reason, we are fully ensure, fully licensed and fly within the laws and regulations set out by Transport Canada for drone safety.  Rarely is there ever a UAV drone photography project that we can’t handle.  Pricing starts as low as $349 however, most of our UAV drone photography projects are custom quoted to ensure that we get the job done right and within your budget.

Product Photography

When your business launches a new product and you need a great photo for your website, catalogue or social media marketing, you want to make sure you have the right photographer for the job.  At OTBx Air we will work with your business to help showcase your products in the best light.  We are creative at photographing complex products and can create onsite studio settings or photograph products in action out on the field.  Product photography is unique and requires a skill set and knowledge base not held by just any photographer.  At OTBx Air, we have a team of talented photographers who can help you get the perfect product photography shot every time.  Pricing for product photography services starts as low as $349 and is determined by the complexity, quantity and style of the products you need photographed.

Event Photography

Is it time for a new grand opening?  How about a customer or staff appreciation function?  Corporate event photography is a must at business events but hiring the right corporate event photographer can sometimes be difficult.  Our team of corporate event photographers are talented and capable of making your event photography a complete success.  The team is presentable, polite, clean cut and will blend right in to the event.  Corporate event photography is great for social media, print and display marketing for your business.  Need a videographer to for your event?  How about a drone?  Whatever you need to capture great photos or video of your event, at OTBx Air, we have you covered.  Pricing typically starts around $749 for event photography but is determined based on the number of hours and the size and nature of each event.

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