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OTBx Air is proud to work in partnership with Matterport for 360 Scanning. Matterport is the leader in 360 cameras for virtual tour integration. With every tour we do, we provide a link that can be embedded on your website.


360 Scanning is great for a wide range of different industries.  It’s the perfect way to gain more visibility, drive traffic and convert online viewers.


When people are looking for the perfect restaurant, now you can invite them inside to look around- Google loves 360 and the natural search engine optimization benefits are huge.

Auto Dealerships

Using tags, dealers can now highlight key areas of the dealership and even point out new cars and the key features. Allow your visitors the ability to walk the showroom and shop from the comfort of home.


More and more co-working spaces are utilizing 360 as a way to show off thief space. 360 scanning is also a great way to show off your office culture to visitors on your website so they feel a part of your organization.


360 virtual tour scanning is a must for the hotel and conference industry. Whether a guest is looking to stay at your hotel or an event coordinator is looking to book a conference room, mapping your hotel is key to helping attract more attention online.

Real Estate

Today many buyers of real estate listings do their shopping online. They look for listings and in many cases want to see as much details as possible. 360 Virtual Tour Scanning is an important tool to promote a listing and add value to your seller.


Consider 360 mapping to document on-site construction progress for reporting purposes. It provides a great solution to help key stakeholders stay engaged with the project remotely.


Want to get more people inside your store? Give them a reason to and boost your online Google traffic by doing a 360 virtual scan of your business. People often want to see what you are about before they visit.


Choosing a gym is a big deal for a lot of people and many people searching to join a gym will go online to do their research before stepping foot inside your facility. Now you can invite them in to look around and highlight the best features that your gym has to offer.

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