Our Story

Our Story

A while back, over a family lunch, we were introduced to aerial drone technology by a young inspiring 15 year old.  He was super excited about the technology.  The problem was, he didn’t have enough money to make it happen.  What he did have however was the inspiration to recover the cost by providing photography services for people.  This got us thinking.  How many passionate photographers are out there who would love to pursue their passion but need a little help getting steady work that is fun & rewarding?

When we started to dig a little closer into how commercial photography and videography was being done, it became apparent that there was opportunity.  Opportunity for us to help make life easier for photographers and videographers while bringing enhanced value to our clients by streamlining the booking, delivery and communication process for the end client.  

With a passion for photography and a love of the creative, we set a business plan in action to bridge this gap and help bring something new and innovative to the world.  We keep our business simple and follow key outside the box (OTBx) principles.  We believe that business should be fun, simple, scalable and rewarding for everyone it touches.  

We stand committed to safety, innovation, creativity and contribution.  We are excited to help people live into their passion and bring the world incredible footage.  It’s a spectacular place.

Welcome to OTBx Air.

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