Maximize your real estate marketing by repurposing your content

Repurposing content can be a very effective and efficient method to create and share content. But it’s also a very underutilized method in the real estate industry. This blog will explain why you need to start repurposing your existing content across all social media platforms in 2021. Repurposing Video Content for Social Media Posting your … Continue Reading

How Twilight Photography makes your Listing Property Undeniable

The Twilight Affect… When it comes to marketing a home for sale, photography is of utmost importance and can have a significant impact on the sale price and the time on the market. Including interior and exterior photos with videos is the industry standard in today’s Real Estate industry. Nowadays, to stand out from the … Continue Reading

Web design Questionaire

Website Discovery

Website Discovery Questions Form These question will help us both uncover your project needs and wants.We will get back to you with a quote and timeline.

Case Study: YYZed Project Management

OTBx Air recently collaborated with YYZed Project Management to create original content that truly captures YYZed’s proficiency in a wide variety of development projects throughout Southern Ontario. With the assistance of our aerial drone technology, OTBx was able to capture and document the stunning visuals of their high-rise projects from an eagle-eye point of view. Our team of talented and trained drone pilots/techs are trained to safely work on construction sites….

Why FPV Drones are the next BIG thing in the Real Estate Industry

OTBx decided to step up our Drone capabilities to a new level from capturing footage from the typical bird’s eye view with a drone to now using FPV Drones.

Ever since the introduction of FPV drones in 2008, the small, agile and razor-sharp aircraft has revolutionized the radio control hobby and opened a world of possibilities in the field of aerial content creation.

2021 Real Estate Marketing Trends

The real estate industry has certainly not been immune to the impacts of COVID-19.  The way real estate was typically practiced and performed, in general took a major change back in the spring/summer of 2019.  Real estate agents have been forced to rethink everything from the way that they market and brand themselves, their listings, … Continue Reading

360 real estate photography toronto

The Best Real Estate Photography Toronto

Real Estate Service Area Real Estate Photography Toronto GET IN TOUCH Book A Photographer OTBx Air is a company with a passion for photography and innovation. Our business model is simple yet effective. Our amazing team of photographers are hand-picked, pre-screened, and always ready when you need them. The Services We Offer Real Estate Photography … Continue Reading