real estate photography Waterloo Ontario

Why working as a real estate photographer is worth it?

Getting into real estate photography can be difficult. There are many fine professionals so the competition is strong. However, there are great opportunities as well. One of them is right here at OTBx Air. Are you a real estate photographer? We are always searching for new members to join our amazing team. If you live … Continue Reading

drone photography for roofers

How Drone Photography & Videography Can Be Used for Roofing Projects

Are you a roofing company looking for an easy and efficient way to boost marketing and showcase your work and business? Drone photography and videography is an excellent solution for roofers who want to capture incredible photos and video footage to show off their roofing projects to homebuyers, developers, and commercial property owners. By giving … Continue Reading

virtual tours photography

How Virtual Tours Help Sell Commercial Real Estate Properties

If you want to sell a commercial real estate property, home, office space, or apartment building, real estate virtual tour companies can help you get content that attracts buyers, keeps them on your website longer, and has a positive influence on their decision to follow through with a purchase. Unlike regular photographs and videos, virtual … Continue Reading

professional real estate photographer

8 Things to Look for When Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

If you are a real estate agent or broker looking for real estate photographers near you, you know how important it is to have a great team to work with. Even if you work on your own, you may still require other professionals to do various tasks for you. Hiring a professional photographer and videographer … Continue Reading

Construction Sites

Why Drone Technology Is a Must for Construction Sites

Drone photo and video services are becoming more popular for business and recreational use. Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have cameras equipped to them, and are controlled with a remote controller from an operator on the ground. The sales for drones have increased significantly in recent months since the technology has evolved greatly. As such, … Continue Reading

Videos in Real Estate, Real Estate Videography in Toronto

The Importance of Videos in Real Estate

Most people have either sold or purchased a property at one point in their lives. Real estate listings typically show images of the property, information about it, and the contact details for the listing agent. While these listings have been useful and successful, nowadays, buyers want to be visually blown away by a property. They … Continue Reading

Professional Photographers, Real Estate Photography in Toronto

Why Should Realtors Hire Professional Photographers in Toronto?

Real estate photographers in Toronto are an asset to realtors for many reasons. These professionals know how to capture a property at the right angles, using the right lighting, so that half of the realtor’s job is already done. By portraying stunning high-quality photos to prospective buyers, professional real estate photographers provide many benefits when … Continue Reading