At OTBx Air, our priority is to help keep everyone safe and healthy as we navigate the challenges of providing service in a COVID-19 environment. The Province of Ontario introduced a new colour-coded assessment system on Saturday, October 31st with different restrictions for gatherings and interactions in various regions based on the severity of cases and spread in each area.

OTBx Air has reviewed and updated it’s safety protocols to ensure that we keep our team and our clients safe and help minimize spread and interaction.

Updated Procedures for Toronto and Peel Region

As of Monday, November 23, 2020, at 12:01 a.m., the regions of Toronto and Peel will, unfortunately, be going back into lockdown as per the government and Chief Medical Officer of Health. Peel Region includes the City of Brampton, City of Mississauga & the Town of Caledon. Directives have been provided by Dr. Eileen de Villa, Medical Officer of Health for the City of Toronto Health Unit, to ensure compliance and prohibit the further spread of COVID-19. The Public Health Units of Toronto and Peel will remain in lockdown for a minimum of 28 days while trends in public health are monitored weekly to determine the next steps.

Particularly concerning for OTBx Air is the restriction that:

  • Residents of Toronto and Peel must restrict their contact to members of their household and essential supports only.
  • Residents of Toronto and Peel should not visit any other household or allow visitors to their homes or yards, except for emergency reasons, including medical and repairs, renovations or construction, deliveries and one-on-one tutoring. Proper precautions must always be used in these situations, including mask wearing, distancing, hand hygiene, and isolating if sick.

OTBx provides photography services directly to other essential businesses, primarily Real Estate Agents and their teams. According to the Rules for Areas in Stage 2 under Ontario Regulation 263/20 subheaders “Services” and “Media Industries,” Real Estate Agent Services (subsection 5(2)) are considered an essential business and Photography Services (subsection 17(1)) are permitted so long as physical distancing and safety protocols are followed as per the Province of Ontario revised list dated November 14, 2020.

Should a residence in Toronto or Peel require photography, videography, 360 or other services both inside and out, OTBx is able to continue to provide such service as long as the following measures are in place.

How OTBx is modifying services?

  • We’re reducing the number of indoor photoshoots to three (3) per day per
  • We require our photography team to refrain from work if they are ill or have recently traveled
  • We are asking our photography team to reduce touching items inside a property and only handle their gear
  • We will minimize opening or closing doors, turning on lights or adjusting personal items wherever possible.
  • Our photography team is being supplied with face masks, gloves and sanitizer for each job they perform
  • Our photography team will sanitize their equipment in between photoshoots
  • Any agent filming that requires a microphone will be performed at social distance and the microphone will be sanitized between jobs.

What we require from our clients in Toronto and Peel Region?

  • We require lockbox access to properties and/or clients to meet our team at the property and wait onsite at a safe distance either in their car or outside the home.
  • We require listing properties being photographed or filmed to be vacated 60 minutes before our scheduled photography.
  • We require our clients to confirm that the property we are working at is free of anyone who may be ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We require our clients to confirm that the property we are working at is free of anyone who may be in quarantine as a result of international travel.
  • We require our clients to clean and disinfect properties before our arrival.
  • We require the property to have all lights on, toilet seats down and personal belongings put away.
  • We are maintaining social distancing guidelines while onsite.

What you can expect from the OTBx Air Team in Toronto and Peel Region?

  • OTBx Air will limit the number of people accessing the Property to two (2) people maximum.
  • OTBx Air will refrain from handshaking or connecting with any party during any visit.
  • OTBx Air will respect the minimum required social/physical distance (2 metres) if an interaction at the site occurs.
  • OTBx Air will wear a mask or face covering in a manner that covers their mouth, nose and chin during any period when they are in the indoor area.
  • OTBx Air will not use any washroom facilities.
  • OTBx Air will refrain from touching any surfaces and other items in the property during the site visit including furniture, bedding & appliances.
  • OTBx Air will not turn off lights or close interior doors.
  • OTBx Air will sanitize hands prior to entering the home or wear gloves.
  • Our photography team will change their socks or cover their shoes between jobs to reduce spread.
  • We are not currently filming agents using any direct microphone that may be attached to their person.
  • We are maintaining social distancing guidelines while onsite.

Clients who request service in the Toronto and Peel Region will be asked to acknowledge that they are aware of these restrictions and agree to them.

OTBx staff are closely adhering to the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 safety protocols to keep us all as healthy and safe as possible while serving our customers during these difficult times.

If you have any questions related to our COVID-19 safety protocols, please contact me directly:
Scott Hurren
CEO – OTBx Air
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