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Introducing our Personalized GIFs  the perfect way to make your posts stand out and increase engagement.
Our GIFs are high quality, ensuring that they will play seamlessly on the platform without any issues. And with a wide range of styles and poses to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect GIF to match your brand’s personality. But that’s not all – our GIFs are also customizable, allowing you to add your own logo, text, or even your phone number to make them truly unique! 

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When booking a GIFs session with OTBx Air, the client agrees to these terms of service upon paying the retainer fee. The client is responsible to complete an intake form and provide information, branding, details, and search titles required for GIFs. The client must pick an applicable shoot date and an invoice will be created. OTBx Air will need a 50% deposit paid prior to the scheduled shoot date. The GIF Packs are not to be split with other agents or coworkers, additional packs will be billed at the full rate and the client must complete the required intake forms prior to the shooting date.

Once captured, GIFs must be confirmed by the client in writing. Clients cannot make any changes after OTBx Air has uploaded the GIFs to the GIPHY Brand Account. 

The client must pay a retainer of a 50% deposit prior to the shoot date and will have to pay the final 50% after confirmation prior to submission to GIPHY. A 50% retainer fee is due to hold your session date. This fee is non-refundable or transferable.

Turnaround time for GIFs is up to 14 days from the date of the shoot. One revision is included in the GIF order with turnaround time of up to four days. Any subsequent revisions will be billed at $50 per revision with turnaround time of up to four days again. If the client requires additional changes such as updating the brokerages, colors, fonts, or other marketing pieces, the client will be billed the full rate for a new GIF created which will then go through the full turnaround timelines. Additional time on site will be billed at $25 in 15-minute increments.

Brand Account and GIFs verification is subject to approval from GIPHY.

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