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(Never Pay For A Listing Again)

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As you already know, it’s hard to get real estate agents to work together and share leads. But what if you could?

Just think about how much money you’ll be able to save for your marketing tools with our referral program. That’s a lot of money you can use to market yourself better—or spend on other things like treating your clients and team members this holiday season!

We know how important awesome home photos and videos are to making your home feel like home. We also know that you love helping your friends get the best possible photos and videos for their homes, so we’ve created a referral program to make it easier to earn rewards when you do. We love rewarding those who help their friends get the best photos and videos for their homes.

If you refer a friend and they book a session with us, we’ll give YOU $50 off your next session.

That’s it!

You’ve got a referral code, but how do you get the word out?

If you’re looking for ways to get your referral code in front of your friends and family, we’ve got a few ideas.

  1. Tell them! If they’re not interested in using it, they can always pass it on to someone else.
  2. Put your code on a sticker and stick it on the back of your phone case or laptop! Even better: why not place it somewhere where people can see it every day?
  3. Include the referral code in an e-mail signature (and make sure it’s easy to find).
  4. Create a post on social media that asks your friends and family to share their referral code with you. You can use something like “Share your referral code with me!” or “Can I have your referral code?”

This program is only valid for new bookings made through OTBx Air. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts and has no cash value.

Here’s the best part: there are no limits on how many people can be referred, and referral credit doesn’t expire, so refer to your heart’s content! (if you even ever tire)

To take advantage of this amazing offer, follow the link below and click “Referral Program” in the image. You’ll be able to share your unique referral link with anyone—and they’ll be able to use it when they book their photo shoot or video session with us!

We’re so excited about this program because it means that if you could help a lot of your friends, with all your referrals, your next booking with us might just be free!

Are you excited to take on this opportunity?

Enjoy helping your friends out and sell more homes while saving lots of money for your marketing tools today. Get your friends in on the action and make some extra cash, all while helping them get the home they’ve always wanted!