OTBxAir: Leading Real Estate Photography in Canada

Real Estate Photography With OTBx Air on your side, you can obtain a plethora of images for your listings. Because we pay attention to every detail, the quality is exceptional. You will be able to sell your listings faster than any other competitor with such an advantage.

Videography for Real Estate. A good video can speak a thousand words. It can easily capture and hold the attention of potential clients. We can create the ideal video for your real estate listings by combining great music with a strong text message.

Aerial Drone Photography. We have the equipment and skills to take stunning aerial photographs. We will then incorporate those images into your video. If a specific outside area of your property is difficult to access, our drones can help.

Aerial drone videography, Google Street View integration, construction or event time-lapse videos, virtual staging, professional headshots, and more are also available.

The Benefits Of Choosing OTBx Air

We are open seven days a week. Within 24 hours of booking, our photographers will arrive on-site.

You can monitor our progress at any time and from any location.

We will notify you when we leave for the site, when we arrive, and when the project is completed.

We value loyalty and enjoy long-term collaboration with our business partners. You will receive one free property for every ten you book!

Our team is very active on weekends. There is no need to be concerned on Saturdays and Sundays because we will always assist you regardless of the time.

We can also create twilight photography that highlights the beauty of the landscape and architecture.

We provide a unique virtual tour of your property that will make the viewer feel as if they are there in person.

These include 360-degree tours that allow the viewer to navigate your home.

Other Service Areas

We conduct real estate photography and videography operations across Canada. Specific locations include:

Québec City

For the best real estate photography Canada services, contact OTBx Air. We can take stunning photos and videos of places you’ve never seen before. If you want to know if we operate in a specific area, you can always ask us.

Please review our pricing packages and make your own decision. Our incredible photography team can capture the lifestyle of any property. We will help you stand out from the crowd by using stunning images and videos.

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