Ready, Set, Post!

Now you can share event photos with your friends and colleagues as fast as NOW. Post the event on the same day across all your social media platforms. The sooner your audiences get updated, the better!

If you’re hosting an event, you’d want to send out your event photos to your guests as soon as you got them. But did you know that you can send them out as soon as right now? This may sound like something from a distant future, but we got news. The future has arrived! 

Our latest technology can bring you these instant benefits:

1. Digital Images Available to you instantly! Now you can post high quality images of your events as they are happening across your social media platforms! You get to update your fans on the spot so now they don’t have to miss out on the fun! 

2. The perfect solution for your next event, our new technology allows your guests to access your branded printouts during the event and they can choose to instantly print the branded images onsite if that’s their preference. This will ensure anyone attending your next event will have a memorable experience. We help provide you with the tools you need to get printing on site as soon as they get captured!

3. Bring your marketing strategy to life with powerful branding tools and seamless integration of your existing events’ existing digital assets during your event! Let us say it one more time. Your event photos are branded on the spot. So many features in one place! You can get your marketing tools as the event is happening!

4. Attention all Marketing Managers, we have something for you! Of course, no event is ever complete without going over it with your team after it’s done. You can now have access to the photo reach analytics, which will show you which photos got the most engagements and which areas you can improve on. This tool can help you plan out your next event. 

5. Lastly, as the photographer of your event and as an event organizer, you want to make sure that all images are delivered to the right people. With us around you don’t need to worry about your photos going to the wrong people during the event, because we’ve got a smart share safety in place to make sure all images are only sent out to attendees and event organizers. Facial recognition technology 

When you work with us, we’ll make magic happen. Photographs are taken at a variety of events. We make it easy for attendees to see your brand by personalizing the images and feel of galleries to reflect your brand image. Your brand will gain much more exposure when guests start sharing their photos on social media onsite. Wouldn’t you love that? 

Are you interested in having an event that gets people talking? You can trust OTBx to meet all your event photography needs. We designed event photography that maximizes connectivity, engaged guests, boosts online presence, and exceeds expectations. Let’s get you more business, and more clients and make your next event a huge success!

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