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Ready to get unlimited real estate photography of your listings? How about 24 hour turn-around? At OTBx Air we pride ourselves on delivering great HDR photography for real estate agents so that you can sell your listings faster. From our talented team of insured photographers, to our online booking and tracking app, OTBx Air makes getting real estate photos simple. Give our real estate photography service a try for your next listing.

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Photography may be worth a thousand words, but a powerful real estate video is worth a million.  From 360 virtual real estate tours to head turning HD real estate videos, our videography team will produce great real estate videos that set you and your listing apart.  Let’s start creating great videos for your next real estate listing.  We’ll provide you a branded and unbranded video with licensed music and powerful text overlays to help showcase important features of your real estate listing.

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There are aerial drone photographers and then there is the talent team of real estate drone photographers at OTBx Air.  Our aerial photography and videography services are one of the very best in the real estate industry.  We know how to capture the perfect photo and can easily integrate aerial footage into your real estate video.  We help real estate agents showcase estate homes, farms and properties with large parcels of land with ease.

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Markham is the largest city in the York Region and fourth largest within the Greater Toronto Area. The local population was around 330,000 people as of late 2016. The city earned its fame for a few good reasons: the quick development of some light industries, the local arts groups, and the long, scenic pathways.

Other important cities and towns surround Markham – Richmond Hill to the west, Greensborough to the east, and south of the city, we have Scarborough. The economic and logistic ties between within the region allow for a healthy business and living environments.

Some people would say Markham has a unique charm. This is a place which managed to keep its old, beautiful scenery while rapidly developing. It combines the beauty with efficiency. The city is famous for its small but peaceful parks, the many curved streets, and the large farms. The local museums do well to preserve Canada’s old traditions and culture.

Are you are a realtor, or real estate agent who needs the best real estate photography and videography services? For us, every small detail is important. We have an awesome team of photographers who will go beyond all expectations in capturing the best shots of your property. We specialize in interior, exterior, aerial, and virtual tour photography. OTBx Air will guarantee your satisfaction. We can offer you amazing prices, the best quality in the region, and our sincere loyalty.

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OTBx Air is well-known for the best real estate photography and videography services around Markham. Make the next healthy step for your business, by signing up here. There are other areas we serve across the GTA and Ontario.

OTBx Air is well-known for the best real estate photography and videography services around Markham

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