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Real Estate Photography and Videography Services in the Winnipeg manitoba

Professional videography and real estate photography services in Winnipeg are essential to setting up a solid marketing campaign. Nowadays, prospective homebuyers expect to see high-quality images of a home they’re interested in before they go to the house. All real estate agents or brokers need to do is add an exceptional video to their online listing, and half of their work will be done for them. As a Real Estate Agents, you’ll have more customers calling you to book showings, and they’ll already be interested in the property based on the images and videos they saw online. OTBx Air offers many different forms of videography and real estate photography in Winnipeg and around the Greater Winnipeg Area, so if you’re ready to set up the most visually enticing marketing campaign, here’s what you need to know about us.


Our Real Estate Photography and Videography Services

Our team of photographers and real estate videographers in Winnipeg know how to incorporate the right lighting. We can use nighttime twilight photography to create a visually appealing shot of the exterior of a property that captivates prospective buyers. We use the best equipment to capture the vibrant colours and scenes of the outdoors and highlight features of the architecture, and can even use aerial drones to provide a wide view of what the property looks like from above. As for interior photography, we make use of various angles to highlight the selling points of each room. We ensure the photos are clear, especially if there is not much natural light streaming in. Our post editing team makes getting consistently great photos easy.

Using high-tech aerial drone technology, our team makes capturing quality real estate photographs and videos within the Greater Winnipeg Area easy. When it comes to advertising a home, first impressions of a property go a long way. Using wide angles and drone footage, we can capture different vantage points of the property. This way, clients will get a digital 360-degree view without leaving the comfort of their home.

Real estate virtual tours in Winnipeg can help people experience what it would be like to live at the property, regardless of where they are in the world. This saves many homebuyers a lot of time and gives agents the ability to book appointments from multiple locations.

We provide one-of-a-kind real estate photography in Winnipeg surrounding areas and for the following client types:

● Real Estate Developers
● Private Home Sellers
● Real Estate Agents
● Real Estate Brokerages
● Teams
● Real Estate Marketing Companies
● Rental Properties, such as Airbnb
● Commercial and Property Managers
● Land Developers
● Marketing Firms

Why Choose OTBx Air for Real Estate Photography and Videography in winnipeg?

Are you are looking for a real estate photography company in Winnipeg or across Manitoba? OTBx Air will help. Our team of real estate photographers in Winnipeg and elsewhere can provide you with more than just great pictures. We stand committed to safety, innovation, creativity, and contribution. We can help you bring life to your listings through incredible visual content. To learn more about professional real estate photography in Winnipeg or to schedule a session with us, contact us at

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