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We believe that every business and organization has a compelling story to share with the world. We also know that it can seem overwhelming to bring it to life, so we are here to make your life easier.  Whether you’re a business looking to create a captivating video to promote what you do or you’re a looking for great photography to showcase new products or services, you’ve come to the right place.  The process is simple for you and we deliver great quality in everything we do.

Let’s help take it from an idea to reality

Commercial Videos

At OTBx Air, we love helping our clients tell their story.  We use a variety of filming styles to capture the message and deliver it in a way that inspires and compels the viewer to watch the video in it’s entirety.  Using the latest in filming technology, editing technique and audio enhancements, we help produce great business videos that you can be proud of.

Commercial Photography

Every organization deserves to have great photos.  We are great when it comes to working in a variety of conditions to capture buildings, products, people, and culture.  Our commercial services make getting those compelling photos you’ve been looking for easy.  Our team has a range of skills which means that we have the perfect photographer ready to execute your project.

Service You Can Trust

We are so confident that you will love our service

We stand behind the quality of our work. If you are not satisfied, we make it right or you don’t pay.

Save Time

Book your next photoshoot from the OTBx Air mobile app in minutes and manage everything from your phone or desktop.

24 Hour Turn Around

We work 7 days a week and have a team of talented, pre-screened photographers ready to get the job done quickly.​

Better Communication

Communication is key. We send reminders the night before and will notify you when we are on route. You’ll know details about the photographer and will be able to see when he / she is on-site and ready.


OTBx Air carries $5M liability coverage and our Talent Team of photographers are pre-screened for criminal reference and also carry $2M liability insurance to provide you with added peace-of-mind.


At OTBx Air, we have a centralized editing model to ensure we delivery consistent, high quality photos and videos every time, just the way you like them.


Our simple system allows you easy access to quickly locate photos and videos from any device by address or location.

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Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Yes.  We have some great packages that we believe provide everything you may be looking for, however we know that things can vary from project to project. You can select individual services from our menu or add them onto a package.

Tracking the photographer is simple.  You will receive a notification from OTBx Air when the photographer is on route to the property.  Simply open the OTBx Air Mobile App and click on the work order to view the status from there.   The time onsite is tracked so that we always have record of who was there and for how long.

Not necessarily.  We always encourage you to attend the photoshoot but it is not required.  You are welcome to provide a lockbox code or can provide us the names of the person who will be present when we arrive.

Have a photographer who you really like?  Want them to come back again?  Simply let us know and we can assign your property to a specific photographer subject to their availability.

Once the photo-shoot is complete, our centralized photo editing team will immediately begin preparing and packaging them for you. You can expect to receive the photos within 24 hours of the shoot and the edited video within 48 hours. 360 Matterport scans are ready within 24 hours. Floor plans can be ready in as little as 24 hours by special request.

Yes.  While every gallery will be unique to a specific address, we understand the value in creating a custom URL for a specific listing (ex:  www.123anywherestreet.com )  OTBx Air makes creating a unique URL simple.  Select this as an add-on service and we’ll take care of the rest.

At OTBx Air we believe in photography.  Unlike other companies that limit the number of photos to only a handful, we will take as many photos as needed in order to get the right shot.  Our OTBx Air Editing Team will carefully review each photo and provide you only the best of each room and angle.   The total number of photos will vary from property to property but you can count on receiving great shots that showcase the full essence of your property.

Once the photographer is assigned to your property, we will provide you with the photographer’s name, phone and photo.  The photographer will arrive to the property with OTBx Air issued photo identification.

The amount of time will vary from property to property based on the photographer’s work-style and the size and detail required for each property.  You can expect the photoshoot to last anywhere from 45 minutes up to 4 hours depending on the work required.o.

OTBx Air will store all photos and videos online for as long as needed.  In the event changes are required in our business structure, you will be notified in writing with 90 days advance notice.

At OTBx Air, our goal is to make your photos and video look great from beginning to end.  We will create a gallery of images for each property and will add them to an Agent Folder that makes it simple for you to locate at any time from desktop or mobile.

Yes.  This actually will provide additional benefit to you.  We are excited to share a collection of our best photos and will help drive additional traffic to your listing.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.  If you don’t want your property featured on our social media accounts, just let us know and we’ll be happy to make it happen.


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