How To Stand Out From The Competition?

The competition is getting stronger and more creative. In the meanwhile, clients are paying more attention to detail than ever before. Now is the time to stand out from the competition by using these interesting tips.

How to stand out from the competition?

Capture the lifestyle of the property

It might take a while but search through the building for something unique. Perhaps the long curved staircase or maybe a full bookshelf. These details can instantly capture the attention of any customer. Picture-perfect kitchens or a green yard are often not enough. Adding the small and unique details is what truly wins over buyers. The most important thing is to find a balance amongst the long image sets.

Add some unique details

Browsing through hundreds of photos can be tiring for potential clients. Every picture becomes less interesting than the previous. At some point, clients will start skipping ten photos at a time while ignoring the content. You need to attract your viewers and capture their attention before this happens. A good idea would be to use a 3D tour of the property. Clients will be able to browse through and observe everything themselves. Be sure to add a floor plan as well, as some people will want to know more about the structure. Be informative and interesting at the same time. Avoid walls of texts by keeping it short and simple.

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Communication is of great importance

Ask the sellers what they love about the property. What can they share about the history of their house? Capturing the perfect shot means adding feeling to it. And remember – every building has its charm. Even if the property looks a bit old, it can have a sense of mystery to it. Perhaps the shadows of nearby trees are making everything look darker. Or the small bushes create a friendly, lively atmosphere. The balcony might have a great view of the street and neighborhood.

Every season has something to offer

Changing your style depending on the weather is wise. Winter will arrive soon, and now is the perfect time to capture some amazing shots of your favorite neighborhoods or cities across Ontario. Fall can provide us with beautiful sceneries and amazing photography opportunities. Do to not rush it. The snowy, winter landscape can also provide some excellent outdoor pictures.

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