Why Choose Aerial Drone Technology for Photography and Videography for Real Estate?

One of the biggest trends in advertising and promotion today is the use of aerial photography and videography services. Aerial photography for real estate has been taken to the next level by incorporating new technology such as drones (also known as UAVs, which are unmanned aerial vehicles) that gives buyers a more realistic view of the homes they are interested in. Drone real estate photography and videography can boost property marketing, and will give a listing an edge over the competitors. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of aerial photography and aerial drone videography.

Increase Interest in Aerial Drone Technology

Selling a home requires that you build an emotional connection with your customer. The customer must be moved to the point of making a life-changing decision and a huge purchase. Real estate agents should be able to give a potential buyer insight into what it would be like to live in a property. Here is where videography and photography comes in. The right images and videos can sell the positive qualities and features of a new home and help increase customer interest. With aerial videography, you can show customers how close the local schools are, and the wonderful landscapes and parks nearby.

Create Compelling Images

It is very unlikely to find a buyer who does not fully examine the house before making a purchase. With compelling images, however, you can attract more buyers to your listing and build their interest before they step into the home. Aerial technology allows you to capture views that were previously unimaginable. Drone technology goes a long way in increasing potential buyers because the pictures and videos speak for themselves.

Increase House Showings

By working with a professional and high-quality aerial photography and videography company, you can create better presence online for your listings and increase the number of interested buyers. The more showings you can get, the faster you will be able to make a sale. Since aerial photography can give potential buyers a new perspective of a property, it will significantly boost your chances of converting visitors into people who are interested in putting an offer forward.

Highlight Key Property Features

Aerial photography and videography is a great tool to highlight property features. As mentioned earlier, if your listed property rests in a green area full of parks and natural reserves, you can show off those features using these tools. Or, if the home rests in a community full of libraries, schools, community centres, and lakes, you can promote those features using this technology. Aerial photography and videography can add real value to a listing by giving potential buyers a better look at how living in that home will be.

Improve Followers

If you want to grow your business, you need to make sure that your media is shareable and attractive. People will not want to share your listings if you have poor quality images and no videos. You need to encourage prospects to spread the word about your listings by providing beautiful aerial photography and videography. Users on social media love sharing attractive visual material, so instead of just getting a “like” you will get a “share.” The better quality your media content is, the easier it will be to grow your followers and increase customer engagement with what you do online. This will ultimately lead to more listings and transactions.

Better-Suited Buyer & Quick Sale

Aerial photography and videography gives prospects a better look at a home and its surroundings. By providing better visuals of your home, you will be able to attract better-suited buyers and have a quicker sale. If people already come into your home, knowing what the interiors and exteriors look like because of the content you have on your listing page, half of your work is already done. The buyer will already be booking an appointment because they have an interest in making an offer.

Stand Out from Competition

With better visuals, you can stand out from your competition. As a result, it’s obvious that when people look through print media, they are more drawn toward magazine pages that are full of bright, colourful, vibrant, attractive images, compared to grainy black-and-white images from a newspaper. Social media reveals the same trend. People will spend hours scrolling through web sites like Instagram and Pinterest, just looking at images of things that they’re interested in. People love good visuals and working with a high-quality professional aerial photography and videography service will go a long way in making your listings stand out from your competition. You will impress your client by demonstrating that you are cutting edge and providing extra effort to sell the home.

Save Money & Time

If you have considered shooting aerial photos from a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft, you can save yourself a lot of money and time by using aerial video and photography services. Drone technology is much easier to get ahold of, and you can do a lot more with the material they provide. Not to mention, most aerial photography companies in Toronto have professional experience in the industry and abide by Transport Canada’s guidelines.

OTBx Air’s Real Estate Aerial Photography Solutions in Toronto

If you’re looking for aerial photography in Toronto, Ontario, consider OTBx Air. Our real estate photographers provide you with more than great pictures and videos. Our services include virtual tours from inside the home and from the sky as well. They will help potential home buyers have a more thorough look at your listing. We stand committed to safety, innovation, creativity, and contribution. We can also help you bring life to your listing through incredible photography and videography. Our mobile app makes scheduling a videographer, tracking the videographer’s status, and pulling up your photos and videos simple. To learn more about our services or to schedule a session with us, contact us at 1 (877) 268-2924, or support@otbxair.com. Visit our Twitter page as well.