Why Drone Technology Is a Must for Construction Sites

Drone photo and video services are becoming more popular for business and recreational use. Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have cameras equipped to them, and are controlled with a remote controller from an operator on the ground. The sales for drones have increased significantly in recent months since the technology has evolved greatly. As such, it is anticipated that the market for these devices will only continue to grow. One industry in particular that beginning to use drone technology more commonly is the construction industry, given that drone construction photography and videography provides companies with incredible capabilities for marketing.

Benefits of Drones in Construction Sites

Drones can be used on construction sites to capture high-quality images and videos, spot potential problems, show the progress on a construction site, boost marketing and sales, and eventually transport goods from one location to another. Let’s review the benefits of why construction sites should implement drone videography and photography.

Capture Quality Images

Drones have the capability to be fitted with very high-definition cameras and many are built directly to the UAV itself. Users on the ground are able to survey a site in real-time, while also capturing stunning video and photography. Historically, aerial footage would have to be captured from a helicopter or light aircraft, but now that drone technology exists, construction companies have a many more viable options to capture quality images and videos.

Spot Potential Problems

It can be difficult to inspect every area when working on a large construction job site. Sometimes accidents can occur in places where it is almost impossible to view from the ground. Drone technology can provide a less dangerous way to visualize these potential hazards, and to bring a better view of a job site accident. These detailed photographs and videos can pinpoint potential problem areas and provide a new view point to construction site managers.

Boost Marketing & Sales

Drones can also be used as a valuable marketing tool to track the progress and conditions of a construction project for potential investors, clients, or lending institutions. Construction companies require high-quality photos and videos for marketing and sales purposes. Aerial images can reveal shots of a finished project, so that prospective clients, customers, or investors, can get a better idea of the location. Drones can also be used to create a time-lapse video of the project throughout various stages of construction. These images and videos with 4K resolution can be incorporated into a company’s web site or other marketing material to promote the construction project.


As previously mentioned, drones are small machines that have great manoeuvrability. They can be used to reach locations that are inaccessible through other methods. Drones are able to inspect areas that are too high or too far for a crane to reach. They also allow companies to track everything that enters and leaves an area, which saves a lot of money and time ensuring that a work site is safe and secure.

What You Need to Know about Drone Technology

Before working with a professional drone technology provider, there are some important things that you should consider. Here are some of the most important facts to know about drone videography and photography so you can make wiser decisions moving forward.

Operation Rules & Regulations

Did you know that unmanned aircrafts are regulated based on purpose and weight? The civilian use of drones is regulated by Transport Canada through the Aeronauts Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR). Depending on the type of drone, there may not be any special permit required, however, commercial users need a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) issued from Transport Canada. There are many rules that apply to flying a drone. It makes good economic sense to hire a professional aerial drone company to facilitate your project needs to protect you from significant fines for flying illegally.


General insurance policies do not cover aviation activity, so you should make sure that you acquire sufficient liability insurance. Transport Canada requires that if you are operating under an exemption you must have at least $100,000 in liability insurance coverage. If you do not have this, you may have to pay penalties. Commercial users must also have adequate insurance, according to the conditions of the SFOC.

Risk of Surroundings

Before flying a drone, we must calculate the level of risk. If the flight is in a dense area with lots of people, there are many more risks. One of the biggest problems with commercial drone photography and videography is that many operators are inexperienced with the regulations by Transport Canada and have little flying experience. This poses significant risk to those around them, the property, and ultimately, the reputation of any company that chooses to hire an inexperienced operator.

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