Elevate Your Brand With Your Listing 

Being a real estate agent can be an amazing job, but it’s also a 24/7 marketing opportunity. You must dive in head first in order to compete with the pack. Here are some tips to help you explode as a top real estate agent.

Elevate your listing by ensuring it is the most accurate and complete resource of information available – attracting buyers and sellers to you. Here are some tips to help you explode as a top real estate agent.

1. Tell a story
Get the most out of your listing. Tell your story and make a great first impression through high-quality, compelling images of the home.

We specialize in capturing high-quality photos of your listing that stands out from the rest by transforming them from mere properties to effective marketing tool, from the house’s interior to the skies. 

2. Entice them

We don’t stop at images. We also capture compelling listing video tours to entice your client to know more about what you have to offer. Our listing videos enhance the appeal of your property and drive valuable traffic, making it easy for clients to find the properties they are interested in exploring further.

3. Toss them up
If you’re looking to wow your clients, take them to the skies with our aerial drone services. Our aerial drone services provide high-quality aerial imagery and video, ensuring you keep in front of your clients, as well as give them a unique perspective of their new community. 

4. Progress. Progress. Progress
Show them progress with our time-lapse services. We can highlight how the project is coming along. We can take stills and videos and compile them together so that they can see how much has been done (from completion of groundwork to final product) in a short period of time.

5. Make them stay
The virtual tour is the most underutilized feature of a listing. It’s time to capitalize on it. When you got your target hooked, it’s time to bring them into the property and set the stage with a 360-degree virtual tour. We encourage you to prepare them by showing them a 3D virtual tour of the property. From the living room to their bedroom, you not only have access to these areas but also the benefits of a 2D photo shoot. Now is the time to hit our target with a message that they can’t ignore.

6. All the nooks covered
When you’re selling a commercial space. Most of the time, these listings are bare and boring. Delight your clients and make them want more with our virtual staging services. Our fully furnished spaces Keep your home looking its best and help you sell your listings faster while providing you with the highest quality design work.

Show them the future by feeding them information with 3D renders. Virtual staging is a powerful solution to save you time and money in your next home listing by helping buyers fall in love with your property directly from their smartphones or devices. 

A complete and effective marketing strategy shows your client that you care about their home-buying goals. They can trust that you would deliver only the best service. It also reflects the true value of your business. Deliver your best with OTBxAir to provide you all the tools you need to dominate your market today!