Why are FPV Drones the Next BIG Thing in Real Estate?

Since their introduction in 2008, FPV drones have revolutionized the radio control hobby and opened up a new world of possibilities in the field of aerial content creation.

What exactly is FPV?

First and foremost, FPV refers to the method of flying rather than the aircraft itself. FPV stands for “First Person View,” as the abbreviation suggests, and is distinct from the traditional method of drone piloting, in which the pilot controls the aircraft from their perspective on the ground. To provide a higher level of immersion, FPV drones are typically paired with head-worn video goggles. The drone’s live video is transmitted to the goggles, which the wearer sees in real-time, allowing them to pilot the drone from a first-person perspective.

What makes FPV Drones so unique?

Physically, the difference between FPV drones and conventional drones is minimal. Both are remote-control (RC) aircraft that can transmit live video via an onboard camera. As a result, most standard drones can be outfitted with specific camera setups for FPV purposes, and vice versa.

The method used for video transmission, however, is the crucial difference between the two. Compatible FPV flying monitors range from high-end, cinema-grade displays to your basic smartphone. A live FPV system allows for precise aerial photography and videography. They allow the user to unleash their creativity and invent new tricks while traveling at speeds ranging from 10 to 70 miles per hour. Unlike other aerial drones, you get much more of a rush while traveling at nearly 10 times the speed.

What are the various categories of FPV Drones?

Drone racing and freestyle are the two main types of FPV flying. Drone racing is the practice of flying through a racecourse with multiple pilots on the same track. Race drones are designed to be light, responsive, and fast. There are numerous race competitions around the world today. The first and most well-known is the drone race league. Freestyle consists primarily of tricks and maneuvers (cornering, orbital, rolls, and flips). Freestyle drones are commonly equipped with a second high-quality camera to record and watch the flights later.

Regardless of category, FPV drones enable users to engage in a variety of activities, such as the thrill of drone racing or breathtaking aerial photography that would not have been possible otherwise.

How does OTBx use FPV Drones?

OTBx decided to take our drone capabilities to the next level, moving from capturing footage from the typical bird’s eye view to now using FPV Drones to fly through our clients’ luxury homes to capture those money shots. At OTBx, we think outside the box to create the most captivating and engaging videos by capturing your story from every angle, even if it is the listing property’s ceiling.

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