How Drone Photography & Videography Can Be Used for Roofing Projects

Are you a roofing company looking for an easy and efficient way to boost marketing and showcase your work and business? Drone photography and videography is an excellent solution for roofers who want to capture incredible photos and video footage to show off their roofing projects to homebuyers, developers, and commercial property owners. By giving prospective clients a bird’s eye view of your work and the surrounding property, you can attract more business and amaze clients at the same time. To learn more about the benefits of working with a company that offers aerial roof photography and videography, keep on reading.

Benefits of Using Drone Photography and Aerial Roof Photography Contractors

Marketing Purposes

Drone technology can take your marketing to the next level. It works better than taking manual photos and diagrams, and it can provide you with stunning HD videos that are effective promotional tools. The HD cameras attached to drones are great for taking before and after photos, time-lapse videos, and panoramic shots. As marketing tools, this material can help you demonstrate the quality of your work, build brand awareness, and gain new customers. It can also give clients a better view of their upcoming development and allow them to see their vision come to life.

Create Estimates

Because of the accuracy of drone hardware and companion software, working with a drone photography company in the GTA can provide roofing companies with better estimates for their customers and therefore eliminate guesswork. With drone data assessment software, roofing companies can create diagrams based on aerial photographs captured with a drone and get a better understanding of the scope of the project. Even highly detailed blueprints can be created in less time, providing customers—especially developers and commercial property owners—with more confidence and satisfaction. Drone technology software can also examine other factors of the roofing system, including ridges, peaks, and valleys, and can provide more accurate measurements. Areas that are difficult to reach and measure accurately can be accessed with drone technology to gather information and visuals.

Aerial Roof Inspection

The roof operates as a shelter, protecting homes or buildings from the elements, and providing security and safety for those inside. It can be costly to replace, and property owners should know exactly what is going on when they hire a roofing contractor. Before the use of drone technology, homeowners had to rely on photographs and descriptions provided by roofing contractors. Now, however, drones can capture visuals from above, so both contractors and homeowners can see the entire roof and determine the next steps. This gives homeowners and commercial property owners more confidence that their money is going where it should since it helps them understand what work needs to be done on their roof.

Choose OTBx Air for Drone Photography and Videography for Roofing Projects in Toronto

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