How iGuide’s 3D Tours Will Help You Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

If you’re a real estate agent struggling to impress and retain your potential clients, it’s time to consider taking your marketing to the next level with iGUIDE 3D tours.

iGUIDE tours have taken over the modern real estate marketing world, adding a brand-new touch and feel to your listings! Standard iGUIDE is go to addition to many real estate agents listings, the standard iGUIDE provided an immersive experience with plenty of insightful details about the home and its layout. This usually includes the basic photo slideshow gallery, agent branding, basic room measurements and floor plans. However, iGUIDE has become such an industry standard that most successful real estate agents already have a basic level of iGUIDE incorporated into their listings.

This is because iGUIDE 3D tours help build a more personal connection with your clients by offering them a walkthrough of their potential new home online. This premium feature gives prospective buyers the confidence they need to purchase a home online. With the COVID-19 pandemic, viewing and purchasing real estate had become difficult for many, and had to get accustomed to viewing and falling in love with homes without seeing them in person. Statistically speaking, there’s no going back.

Additionally, if you’re on the fence about purchasing iGUIDE to boost your property listing, it’s good to know that homes and properties listed with iGUIDE sell FASTER and for MORE money!

  1. Homes with iGUIDE sell up to 39% faster compared to those with just photos and video 
  2. Homes with iGUIDE sell at up to 1.3% higher rates (above the asking price) than those without
  3. Homes with iGUIDE spend 14% fewer days on the market compared to those with other or no virtual tours available to view.

iGUIDE 3D tours also aid in highlighting specific features of the home that set it apart from others on the market, you can showcase furniture, margins, and more. This helps buyers picture themselves in your listing as their future home. iGUIDE’s 3D tours can help agents generate more leads and sell homes faster by giving buyers the chance to take a virtual walk through any property online, anytime.

iGUIDE Premium offers an enhanced experience with even more details such as appliances and fixtures, Advanced Measurements, and Interactive VR functionality. This allows you to really get to know the space in a more intimate way. It’s the perfect addition to your newest listing!

Let potential clients tour and fall in love at first sight from the comfort of their own home! Then when they come to see it in person, they’ll already be interested in making an offer! If you’re looking to upgrade your real estate game, check out our iGuide portfolio and book a shoot today! 

Why iGuide will help you get your commercial listings off the market faster.


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