Why iGuide Will Help You Get Your Commercial Listings Off The Market Faster

In the 2022 real estate market, it can be difficult for agents to differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out to potential buyers and investors. Luckily, the averse and quick-to-adapt real estate agents and brokers can leverage trends and technology to gain that competitive advantage, using iGUIDE! 

iGUIDE is the newest tool in technology and trends for real estate agents to harness bringing their properties and listings to life! iGUIDE uses 3D imagery and scanning to develop an extremely accurate floor plan, with detailed margins, furniture and fixings placement, interactive VR interactions and viewing, and more! 

These features help buyers picture themselves in your listing as their future home. They will often start thinking about where they want to put their own furniture or move some around to make the place feel like home.  iGUIDE’s 3D tours can help agents generate more leads and sell homes faster by giving buyers the chance to take a virtual walk through any property online, anytime, anywhere. 

iGUIDE is especially useful for commercial properties with multiple different rooms and floor designs/layouts. You can efficiently and accurately depict what each room and floor for sale will look like, while also offering comparison views of others! Perfect for commercial rental spaces or apartment buildings/condos. iGUIDE can also help upsell your potential buyers, once they see the difference between rooms/apartments/spaces between two different properties/lots, they’ll want to spend more to get more! 

Additionally, if you’re on the fence about purchasing iGUIDE to boost your property listing, it’s good to know that homes and properties listed with iGUIDE sell FASTER and for MORE money!

  • Homes with iGUIDE sell up to 39% faster compared to those with just photos and video 
  • Homes with iGUIDE sell at up to 1.3% higher rates (above the asking price) than those without
  • Homes with iGUIDE spend 14% fewer days on the market compared to those with other or no virtual tours available to view.

Still skeptical about purchasing iGUIDE to market your latest luxurious or commercial listing? At OTBxAir, we care and will do everything in our power to help your turn your “for sale” signs into “SOLD!”. Here’s a full list of what you get when you purchase an iGUIDE shoot with us! 

  1. Content Delivery Report 
  2. Photo gallery and slideshow of all the images
  3. Video and drone integration (if applicable) 
  4. Property details 
  5. Neighbourhood map and outline
  6. Personal agent branding on all pieces of content
  7. Embedding tools to integrate into your website
  8. 3D tour 
  9. Floor plans
  10. Detailed room measurements 
  11. Accurate floor area calculations
  12. Detailed floor plans including fixtures and furnishing 
  13. VR headset compatibility 
  14. Advanced measurements (different units) 
  15. And a full outdoor tour

Now that’s what we call a bang for your buck! Let us help you take your listing to the next level, with the aid of iGUIDE. 

Let potential clients tour and fall in love at first sight from the comfort of their own home! Then when they come to see it in person, they’ll already be interested in making an offer! If you’re looking to upgrade your real estate game, check out our iGuide portfolio and book a shoot today! 

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