New Year, New Goals – Make it count

It’s the new year, and we’re here to help you make it count.

Are you ready to load your toolbelt in 2023? As a real estate agent, getting more business and eyes to your brand, especially in the new year. This is the time when families and individuals are planning to move into a new neighborhood and start fresh.

As an agent, you have many opportunities to have your brand seen by potential buyers and sellers. If you’re not already marketing your services in this way, now is the time to start! Here are some tips:

1) Stay active on social media – You can’t out-promote yourself, but you can certainly out-promote yourself online! Make sure that you’re posting relevant content consistently, even if it’s just photos or reels of beautiful homes. Your followers and target audiences will appreciate seeing what they love most about their favorite neighborhoods (and dream homes) —and they’ll want to get in touch with you so they can sell or buy homes themselves!

2) Reach out to local businesses – Your local businesses are probably very aware of what makes their neighborhood tick, so reach out and ask them if they’d like some publicity from you as well! The more people who know about why their neighborhoods are great, the more you come up to their minds whenever they think of fresh starts and new goals.

3) Get the most out of our limited offers! – We made sure you get a head start for the upcoming year. Our marketing tools have helped set our clients up for the incoming 2023, and we’d love to be able to do that for you, too! Promo codes are getting scarce as you think twice at this moment. Grab the opportunity and make the most out of your buck this 2023 with OTBx!

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