Can Photos Add Value To Your Real Estate?

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Real Estate Agents, private home sellers, or landlords often find themselves in a dilemma – is it worth to spend some extra money on professional photography services while building a beautiful portfolio of their properties? Or, should they go with whatever photos are available and hope for the best? Today’s article will discuss this topic. … Continue Reading

Why Working As A Real Estate Photographer Is Worth It!

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Getting into real estate photography can be difficult. There are many fine professionals so the competition is strong. However, there are great opportunities as well. One of them is right here at OTBx Air. Are you a real estate photographer? We are always searching for new members to join our amazing team. If you live … Continue Reading

Why Should Real Estate Agents Hire Professional Photographers in Toronto?

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Real estate photographers in Toronto are an asset to Real Estate Agents for many reasons. These professionals know how to capture a property at the right angles, using the right lighting, so that half of the Real Estate Agents job is already done. By portraying stunning high-quality photos to prospective buyers, professional real estate photographers … Continue Reading