Why Working As A Real Estate Photographer Is Worth It!

Getting into real estate photography can be difficult. There are many fine professionals so the competition is strong. However, there are great opportunities as well. One of them is right here at OTBx Air. Are you a real estate photographer? We are always searching for new members to join our amazing team. If you live in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you be a successful real estate photographer?

The answer is yes! You can accomplish much by joining OTBx Air. We accept photographer applications and carefully go through them, keeping an eye on every small detail. If you have what it takes, we will notice it and call you back. Working as a real estate photographer has its challenges. It can be tough at times, as some properties are huge or hard to capture. Interior design pictures can be hard to capture since the light might be poor. Also, you will need to be aware when using drones as well because you cannot shoot other people’s property without permission. However, we will always be there to help. Over time, you will improve, gaining not only new skills but important knowledge and a good reputation. Never stop learning. Monetize on your hobby and begin taking photos and videos with outstanding quality. Take your photography to the next level by joining OTBx Air’s amazing team!

There are many benefits

OTBx Air can offer you:
  • Fair pay. The amount of money you receive will be different depending on the project type. We offer excellent rates and take into account travel time to ensure you will always be paid for doing what you love;
  • Payment is quick and easy. After your work is approved, the money will be on their way. According to our schedule, payments occur every Monday with major holidays being the only exception. In such cases, there will be a small delay of one day;
  • Insurance is a must. We can help you in easily acquiring coverage;
  • The job is flexible and with great communication. We will send emails with all the information regarding your project. You can use our mobile app to keep in touch and report your activities;
  • We reward great work. If you are doing a good job, we will give you even more projects to work on;
  • You can ask for permission to use the footage in your portfolio. If we allow it, you will be free to use it. Build an outstanding portfolio and develop as a serious professional.

This is a perfect chance to show your photography skills and establish yourself as a professional. Apply today and start your new, amazing carrier. You will be a part of the best real estate photography team in Toronto. OTBx Air is a professional photography and videography agency in Toronto which helps homeowners and companies alike. In our case, we offer both quality and quantity. If you want to know more about our services, feel free to contact us directly, or call 1 (877) 268-2924. You can also send your questions to support@otbxair.com.
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