Choosing Aerial Photography/Videography Services

Whether you want to capture the beauty of your completed construction site or give homebuyers a tour of a new property, aerial photography and videography services in Toronto are your best tool for success. If you want beautiful aerial videos of a skyline at sunrise, or want to take someone through a tour of the city with a short film, drone videography is the key. At OTBx Air, our team of professional drone operators and experienced videographers can work with you to make sure that your needs and expectations are far exceeded. When you see the high-quality visual content that our team of professionals provides, you will be blown away at how effective it is. 

Not only do we use the latest drone technology, but our drone operators have incredible talent to help deliver the perfect shot for your needs. Whether you want a 30-second commercial video or a longer video incorporating time-lapse, night shots and more, we can do it all. Looking for just aerial photographs? We can do that too! There are endless possibilities with drone photography and videography in Toronto. Let OTBx Air help you bring your creative vision to life and showcase your real estate or commercial construction project today!

Laws and Regulations

Before hiring aerial videography services, you should look into your area’s laws and regulations. All of Canada’s commercial drone usage is regulated by Transport Canada through the Aeronauts Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR). This means that all drone operators need to follow the regulations of the organization to operate legally. Drone operators are generally expected to have a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) issued by Transport Canada, and if they don’t have one they could be liable in the event of an accident and this can reflect negatively on your brand. There are plenty of drone operators out there who don’t fly legally so be sure to ask the right questions to ensure you are protected.

At OTBx Air, all our professional drone operators are fully aware of these laws and regulations within Canada and are fully certified. Our team is also experienced and trained on how to safely and properly use aerial drone technology in tandem with the latest cameras. When you hire OTBx Air to take on your aerial project, you can trust that we know what we’re doing and that we are committed to flying responsibly. Transport Canada requires that companies operating under an exemption must have at least $100,000 in liability insurance coverage. OTBx Air carries a $5.0 million liability policy to protect everyone and requires a $2.0 million liability policy for each aerial drone operator on our team. You can rest assured that our entire team is background-checked for added security and liability and is dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality service and quick turn-around.

Our Aerial Photography and Videography Services

Real Estate

Nowadays, the real estate industry relies heavily on quality photography and videography services. Whether you are showcasing an estate home or private listings, you need to make sure that your listings and promotional material feature the most vibrant and attractive photographs and videos. Our team can help you by creating stunning images of your property, from the interior to the exterior. Using drone technology, we can capture stunning visuals of the surrounding areas, helping prospective homebuyers see exactly how amazing it would be to live there.

Commercial Businesses

Our professional videographers and photographers also specialize in commercial business and have experience providing service to high-rise developers, condo owners, property managers and construction companies. Since our aerial team utilizes high-resolution cameras and computers, we can add stunning aerial images and videos of your property to develop high interest. Our team can provide high-quality drone technology that captures wide-angle shots of construction sites, commercial towers, road development, bridge installation, and promotional and marketing photography. We can also provide time-lapse videography to show the project from start to completion. We can get buyers excited about your project by showing them pre-development views, and also the future of what the completed project would look like. Need high-end, 3D graphics and text overlays for your promotional video, not a problem.

Our Aerial Photography and Videography Packages

At OTBx Air, we offer an array of aerial photography and videography packages.

Land Photography Package

Our land photography package is ideal for agents who are selling any of the following properties:

● Acreage

● Commercial land

● Farm land

● Quarry

● Gravel Pit

● Ranch

Marketing Photography Package

This package can help developers and marketing teams create buzz around their upcoming projects. They include the following features:

● Large-format photography for print/billboards

● Panoramic aerial views


● Neighbourhood photos and videos

● Commercial photography and videography

● High-end commercials and promotional videos

Construction Package

With the right technology, you can get stunning images of your construction projects. Our construction package includes:

● Before and after footage

● Quarterly visits to the site

● Start-to-finish videos (we can capture the site quarterly and then create an HD video         to showcase the entire project)

● Road construction

● Bridge construction

● High-rise construction

● Custom-home building

Real Estate Aerial

Our real estate package can help real estate agents and brokers, as well as private sellers to attract potential homebuyers. It is ideal for:

● Estate homes

● Private listings (no agent)