Did You Know iGUIDE Now Supports Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is the art of using staged furniture and accessories with your home’s actual floor plan to make it look more appealing in photos. With the addition of furniture, accessories, blue skies in the windows, and warm fires in the fireplace, Virtual Staging can add personality to an otherwise empty and “lifeless” house.

See the difference Virtual Staging makes.

Don’t just see what your home looks like, visualize your home staging experience with 360-degree virtual tours!

Spend less money

The days of traditional staging may be numbered, thanks to the rise of virtual interior-design tools. Since virtual staging is less expensive than traditional staging and 3D tours are more affordable and appealing for difficult-to-sell vacant properties, real estate professionals can save time, effort, and money with this new approach.

Save Time

Traditional staging can be time-consuming, physically exhausting, and carries the risk of damage to the property when moving furniture in and out. Our solution involves minimal disruption, less clutter in the home, and a faster turnaround.

Boost the number of buyers

Homebuyers are naturally drawn to furnished spaces where they can envision themselves living rather than an empty and unappealing environment. Furniture, decor, and landscaping have a direct influence on the way potential buyers view your home. With virtual staging, you can create the best experience possible for your homebuyers.

Enhanced Marketing Standards

It’s tempting to just list a property, but you should never leave it up to buyers’ imaginations and hopes. Instead, show them the possibilities that a property can offer by designing engaging photos and videos that will pique their interest, helping them appreciate the potential of your listing. There is no reason for a buyer to imagine what the home’s future could hold.

At OTBx, we offer virtual staging services including furniture removal and virtual renovations. Our team understands your needs so your photos will be ready for you to list within 1-3 business days and come with one set of revisions within 2 weeks of receiving your images. We offer solo and bundle package deals, so we can best suit your needs.

All in all, we can help you help your buyers envision and experience your listing. Reach out to our amazing team to learn more on how we professionally stage your listing today!

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