Types of Aerial Photography and Videography Services Offered by OTBx Air

Whether you are capturing progress photographs of a Toronto construction site or showing off the interior and exterior of new real estate, aerial photography captures it best. Aerial photography and drone videography capture awe-inspiring views of Toronto in daylight or twilight, so whatever visual content style you are looking for, OTBx Air can help you can get the best views.

 OTBx Air provides aerial videography services from a team of highly skilled professionals who can work with your vision to effectively capture the most advanced, high-quality shots, anywhere, anytime, and every time. We provide our services for multiple projects including developments like high-rises, condos, apartments, commercial towers, construction and much more. Here’s what you need to know about our services and how we can help you. 

Different Types of Aerial Photography Services

There are different types of aerial photography services for all kinds of business needs. If you are in the construction and real estate industry, OTBx Air can help you benefit from getting quality content that can keep your clients in the loop on building projects and impress your partners with videos and photographs of a completed project. If you need aerial views to map out a new construction project, drone video footage of the exterior of a new building, or stunning overlapping views of a work in progress, aerial photography and videography will do the job. 

Benefits of 360 Aerial Panoramic Photography and Videography

A new trend emerging in the industry is 360 panoramic photography. This kind of image and video capture allows you to give viewers the feeling of being high up with a bird’s eye view of a location, and you can turn around 360 degrees to see details beyond the frame. Drone technology makes this possible, and 360 aerial photography is beneficial for businesses in real estate and warehousing. 360 panoramas are also great for developers who want to build high-rise condominiums.

Benefits of Time-Lapse Aerial Photography and Videography

Another popular type of photography for construction and real estate is time-lapse photography. It provides a solution for companies that want to keep a tab on multiple projects at the same time. It allows them to project the progress and alignment of each step along the way by enabling continuous monitoring. Time-lapse videography and photography help take this to an artistic level by condensing this long-exposure footage into shorter clips, so you can see the project development from beginning to end within a few minutes. This content is great for promotional and marketing material, and it also makes the project look seamless and progressive.

Contact OTBx Air for Aerial Photography and Videography Services in Toronto

Are you looking for professional aerial photography services for your construction or real estate purposes? If yes then consider working with the team at OTBx Air. Our photographers provide you with more than great pictures and videos. Our services also include virtual tours, 3D tours, and high-end commercial videos.

OTBx Air is passionate about innovative commercial photography. We are committed to safety, innovation, creativity, and contribution. We can help you bring life to your passion through incredible visual content like time-lapse and 360 videography and photography.