What is a Hero Listing Video & Why You Need it For Your Next Listing.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, broker, or just dipping into the market for the first time, it’s essential to know tips and tricks on how to effectively market your home/property. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a hero video to showcase your amazing place! We refer to these as creative and luxury listing videos at OTBx.

What exactly is a hero video you might ask?

A hero shot/video is the primary image or video used in your marketing strategy to sell a home. When it comes to simple photography, a hero shot is usually an external shot of the front or rear of the home or even a drone shot that covers the majority of the property. 

When it comes to a hero video, the process is a bit more lengthy but will prove very beneficial when completed. A hero video not only captures the exterior of the property but often also includes interior video transitions and shots, edited and mashed together to music. Additionally, some realtors hire models to showcase lifestyle living and simulate their target audiences’ visions for luxury listings. 

Finally, a hero video can and should include snippets of the property’s neighbourhood to highlight community centres, schools, malls, plazas, parks, and any other unique features that come with the property or are nearby. As well as a short voice-over or interview of the agent or previous clients of the realtor to display trust-worthiness and build relationships. 

Why you need a hero video to showcase your property. 

A hero video or photo is used as the main hook and interest of your potential clients. If you had a single opportunity to capture a potential client in a short amount of time, a hero video is one of the best methods to highlight all the aspects of your property. 

In the digital age of marketing, potential clients quickly get bored and continue scrolling through social media and the internet until they find something that grabs their attention. Let’s face it, people don’t have time and they want quick and effective/interesting content to lead them to what they’re looking for. Thus, if your main advertised image or video is not appealing to them, they’ll continue scrolling through and find a competitor, costing you, your next sale. 

Media and marketing agencies like Outside the Bx Inc. are equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to showcase your listings from every angle possible. This includes but is not limited to the use of tools such as 

  • DSLR or other professional cameras for high-quality photos and video 
  • DJI drones leverage for aerial photography and videography
  • FPV drones for unique and special video capture such as flying through a property in ways cameras and traditional drones cannot
  • Matterport 360 virtual tour live scanners to create realistic virtual mappings of the property so clients can virtually access property floor plans and walk-through as if they were in person. 
  • Professional lighting and audio equipment to set the stage and capture crisp testimonials and agent videos/voice overs 
  • The latest in video and photo editing software and skills to bring your hero video to life! 

Photography may be worth a thousand words, but a powerful hero video is worth a million. So hire the professionals to set your video apart from the rest. Book a demo call with our team today and let’s see if a creative or luxury listing video is the right fit for your next listing to help take your branding and business growth to the next level!