Choosing Aerial Photography/Videography Services

Whether you want to capture the beauty of your completed construction site or give homebuyers a tour of a new property, aerial photography and videography services in Toronto are your best tool for success. If you want beautiful aerial videos of a skyline at sunrise, or want to take someone through a tour of the … Continue Reading

Types of Aerial Photography and Videography Services Offered by OTBx Air

Whether you are capturing progress photographs of a Toronto construction site or showing off the interior and exterior of new real estate, aerial photography captures it best. Aerial photography and drone videography capture awe-inspiring views of Toronto in daylight or twilight, so whatever visual content style you are looking for, OTBx Air can help you … Continue Reading

Construction Aerial Photography and Videography Services

At OTBx Air, our construction site aerial photography and videography services in Toronto feature drone technology to provide you with year-round images and videos. Whether you want to capture residential homes, private estates, commercial properties, real estate land development, oil rigs, gas drilling, construction site progress, or capture landmarks and special projects, construction aerial drone … Continue Reading

Architectural Photography and Videography Services in Toronto

If you want to attract customers and boost sales, the best architectural photographers in Toronto can help you. Interior and exterior architecture photography can draw interest in prospective buyers, doing part of the work for you.  The stunning visual content can inspire them, get them excited about your property, and encourage them to follow up with a purchase. … Continue Reading

Georgetown Real Estate Photography 

OTBxAir is a real estate photography and video marketing company that offers services to real estate agents and brokers in the Georgetown area and the GTA. Over the past 7 years, we have helped our clients grow their business and achieve significant growth of new listing leads and higher conversion rates by using our fully … Continue Reading

Pickering Real Estate Photography

Pickering Real Estate is a vast and quickly adapting area in the GTA. OTBxAir is a local business that offers a wide range of real estate photography services. We help home buyers and sellers show off their properties with beautiful photos, and video as well as leverage state-of-the-art technology and equipment to create virtual tours … Continue Reading

Brampton Real Estate Photography

OTBx is a real estate photography company serving in Brampton Ontario and the GTA. We’re proud to serve all realtors and brokers in Brampton, whether they’re just starting out or have been in business for decades. Our team of professional photographers and videographers specialize in the services you need to help sell homes, including high-quality … Continue Reading

OTBx Real Estate Marketing Services – In-Depth Overview

Have you done business with OTBxAir yet? If you haven’t please allow us to quickly introduce ourselves- we are OTBxAir, a real estate marketing company that has been selling our services online and in person since 2016. We are a full-service Canadian and US-based real estate marketing company specializing in providing real estate marketing strategies … Continue Reading

Why Drone Technology Is a Must for Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Drone photo and video services are becoming more popular for business and recreational use. Most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have cameras equipped to them, and are controlled with a remote controller from an operator on the ground. The sales for drones have increased significantly in recent months since the technology has evolved greatly. As such, … Continue Reading